"I can’t believe how much Sara spoiled us all weekend. I woke up this morning and barely remembered how to feed myself. Thank you again for all the amazing work you did in the kitchen and beyond over the past few days. Your delicious, nourishing meals were such a beautiful part of an already incredibly awesome retreat. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes myself, and I so look forward to keeping up with your culinary adventures through your newsletter and site! Endless gratitude from my newly courageous heart."


"Sara's food is DELISH! Eating it is like giving your belly a giant hug! It's yummy, nourishing, and plainly obvious how much love, time and effort goes into preparing and serving it. I love that Sara cooks with what is seasonally available- eating this way totally honors the earth as well as our bodies! Thank you for your deliciousness Sara!" 

- C.M.

"Sara's food is delicious, nourishing, and creative."      -K.S-W.

"Sara's food is delicious, nourishing, and creative. She caters to the needs and style of the group she's with and always brings a relaxed, generous vibe with her. The dishes she prepared were not only wholesome and tasty, but super varied! She provided lots of interesting flavor combinations and taught us a lot about nutrition. Highly recommended!"