Do you struggle with your weight?

Do you frequently experience bloating and digestive discomfort after eating?

Do you have acne breakouts or eczema?

Your food choices, emotional state, and how you manage stress are just a few examples of how your lifestyle influences your physical health status. When you get support to make nutrition and lifestyle changes you release anxiety and start seeing positive changes inside and out.

Ready to feel lighter and more confident in your body?

Check out the Whole Cure 1-month Program, and contact Sara to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call!

Whole Cure 1-Month Program of 1-1 Nutrition Counseling Services


  • One 60-minute deep dive counseling session via Skype video call: Together we’ll walk through your specific goals and challenges, articulate your current and desired wellness vision, identify the root causes of your health challenges, and lay out the plan for your goals

  • Customized nutrition and lifestyle plan: Within 7 days of our deep dive session you’ll receive a customized plan delivered to your email that includes a full meal plan with recipes

  • A supplement plan that includes targeted herbal remedies to reduce symptoms and tone the body systems

  • Lifestyle recommendations to support your health goals

  • Two, 20-minute laser coaching sessions via phone or Skype every other week: We’ll discuss sabotaging behaviors, negative thoughts, and strategize ways to overcome barriers

  • Support via text and email: Got a question or need support between our sessions together? I’ve got you covered