How to ease into Spring with AWAKE ritual tea blend

The cozy, dreamy time of winter has given way to the pop of pale pink cherry blossoms and refreshing crisp air, signaling the official arrival of spring. But how do we release the nostalgia of winter hibernation and embrace the seasonal shift into spring with grace and ease?

The plant kingdom/queendom, of course! 

Here's how sipping on a cup of ritual tea blend, AWAKE can help you get a pep back into your step:

  • Gunpowder green tea is the base of this blend and provides roughly 40mg of caffeine per cup, which is just enough to spike your energy levels, but without the crash
  • Gotu kola can help with cognition and memory, helping you to emerge from the fog of winter with clarity and focus
  • Ginger adds a warm and spicy kick, adding a zing to each sip
  • Rosemary is a circulatory system booster, 'nuff said
  • Eleuthero is the star of this blend, and is in a class of herbs called, adaptogens, which helps with endurance and reducing the negative impacts of stress

If you want to boost your energy levels to match the cheer-fullness of spring, or perhaps replace that afternoon cup of joe with something more sustainable, do yourself a favor and order a bag of AWAKE ritual tea blend today. It has your back.