"I change what I eat in rhythm with the season..."

Cure Wild owner, Sara Haston shares about her health background and why she created Cure Wild.

My health background began as a teenager who suffered from anxiety and chronic fatigue. In high school a yoga class was offered as P.E. credit and without hesitation I signed up. Yoga eased my anxiety and enhanced my confidence. It became a useful healing tool that propelled me onto the path of wellness as a lifestyle and career.

My education includes a Master's Degree in Integrative Health Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies, a 200-RYT Yoga certification from Samadhi Yoga, and an Herbal Horticulture certification from Herb Pharm

My diet is ever-evolving and I'm okay with that. I change what I eat in rhythm with the season and my activity level. Here are my tried and true keys to feeling nourished:

  • Eat organic and plant-based
  • Eat seasonally and locally
  • Include healthy fats
  • Choose sustainably raised fish and meats
  • Include fermented foods
  • Cook with care and intention
  • Enjoy meals with all the senses 
  • Offer gratitude and blessings over the meal

I created Cure Wild for people interested in cultivating a healthy lifestyle and looking for products, resources, and consulting to take their self care to the next level. Cure Wild aims to be an invaluable resource for being your best self. If you want to feel inspired, supported, empowered, and happy Cure Wild is your go-to resource for natural living.